Learn about the SSF

In future months to come, this will be the area where we will post the achievements and activities of the Foundation which Steve Steadham is currently in the process of forming.

The Steve Steadham Foundation's mission is as follows:

"The Steve Steadham Foundation is a non-profit organization built upon making the dreams, of both children and adults around the world, a reality. Our emphasis is creating positive energy and establishing lasting improvements within society while showing love to all nationalities and people from every walk of life.

The SSF will provide life changing experiences to help empower our fellow human beings while educating and tearing down the barriers of ignorance and social inequality.

Whether it be through a variety of extreme sports or the arts, The SSF will be a partner in making a meaningful change within our diverse communities.

With a Christian propelled energy, we look forward enthusiastically to doing our part in transforming the world we live in today."

So, be sure to let everyone you know, that The Steve Steadham foundation is on its way and with your help, as well as with the grace of God, we can all do something incredibly righteous for those around us.