Steve Steadham is proud to unveil

Steve Steadham has become an iconic figure inside the extreme sports community, a founding member of the most legendary skate team in history, his place in skateboarding history is well cemented, but there is much left to do and a voyage he began decades ago with his own line of boards and apparel is now branching into new territory with the addition of wheels, footwear and coffee! You heard us correctly, coffee...and only the best blends from Kona! represents our company bringing all these products under the umbrella of a single brand: Stedmz! Here, not only will you be able to find a new stick to replace that one you focused after dropping from a ten foot ledge, wheels which will have you slicing up the park at mind-numbing speed, and killer threads to sport, you will also find our quality crafted shoes, da kine java to wake you up for an eventful day and the latest info on what's going on with Steve and his company through his blog, video updates, news as well as his latest musical projects!

So without any further adieu, we present to you!! We hope you will visit us regularly and hit us up on our various social media sites to spread the word by liking us, following us or adding Stedmz to your circles on G+!

With your participation, the journey upon which Steve is about to embark on with Stedmz will surely be a spectacular one!