Spyder Cup Coming To The Lone Star State

The Spyder Cup Series are skateboard events that are hosted around the country and the next two stops we have on our list are The 1st Annual Steadham Spyder Cup which is happening June 28th at the skate park of San Marcos in San Marcos, TX followed, on July 5th, by the 2nd Annual Steadham Spyder Cup in Galveston TX at the Johnny Romano Skatepark.

Featuring street, Bowl, the Game of sk8 events and with approximately 50-100 skaters entering the competition per event, there will be plenty of rad skating to be seen. So, if you're in the area please come on down and join us in having fun.

Steve Steadham had this to say; "Parents, local vendors and the Cities have been truly supportive of the Spyder Cup, everyone has a great time and has been nothing but a positive outlet for the youths in these areas. We look forward to seeing you at one of our stops!"