1st annual Spyder Cup San Marcos Goes Off!

This awesome trek started in Vegas where I left on the red eye to Dallas... I can't help but think about John F. Kennedy every time I go there. I landed during the early hours and went to the Union station where I hopped on the super locomotive to San Marcos. It was an amazing ride, the train is so uplifting, so awesome. And after a few hours of enjoying the ride, I arrived in San Marcos  ready to rock the Spyder Cup.

Geoff from Texas Skate was on it, Jose and Reagan were both totally my production crew. Upon arrival I was actually amazed that the Park had been closed for the week due to some dork lighting a mattress on Fire! So, there had been no skating there until the day of the event. July 28th started with nice weather. The skaters showed up, registered and we all witnessed some sick heats getting thrown down on the hot pavement, the energy level was running in the red! Max Peterson, Zach Castillo and Gavin Hartman killed the bowl, but it was Max who came out on top. 

The Street skaters absolutely shredded!! Keith Robinson, Junior Cervantes and Steven Moreno was the final order. Game of sk8 was my favorite. Dillon Jones took It with some mad consistency and super tech tricks, while Junior Cervantes was right there in 2nd.

The kids where putting on a great display also. Kevin McCuiston, Preston Landon and Maverick Self were the top 3. The day was simply full of positive energy with Lee from Embassy and Geoff being there in full support and I must also mention that Dustin and Jenn really helped out, thank you guys!! I am really appreciative of how everyone and the community pulled together to make this go down!

With the whole positive vibe, great skating abilities, the camaraderie, The 1st Annual Steadham Spyder Cup in San Marcos TX was one for the record books!

Presenting sponsor: Punk Star Industries. Title Sponsor: Texas Skate and additional Sponsors: Skateone, Sector 9, Protec and Steam. Thanks to all..

13 & Under Street & Bowl:
1st Kevin Mccuiston
2nd Preston Landon
3rd Maverick Self

1st Max Peterson
2nd Zachary Castillo
3rd Gavin Hartman

1st Keith Robinson
2nd Junior Cerbantes
3rd Steven Moreno

Game of Sk8:
1st Dillon Jones.
2nd Junior Cerbantes